Watch The House Live In Session Or Committees

Page Program

One of the best aspects of the State Representative role is encouraging our next generation of student leaders to get involved with local government.  If you have a son/daughter/grandchild who is 12-years old or older and would like to experience the Georgia Capitol – please encourage them to apply for the House Page Program!

Below are links for more information on the program along with an application.  Please return the application and I will help sponsor through the appropriate channels.

Tours of the State Capitol
I am honored to give tours of our State Capitol to school groups, community organizations, Scout Troups, church groups, etc. Please call my district office for further information.

Flag flown at Capitol
Flags flown over our State Capitol make a great gift to recognize an individual or organization. If you would like to receive a flag flown at our State Capitol, please call my district office for further information.

Resolution from the GA House of Representatives
We can also write a House of Representatives Resolution to honor, recognize and commend individuals, groups, schools, etc.

Examples include:

  • Schools and churches in our community
  • Citizens who have made a significant, positive impact on our community
  • Students with a specific academic, athletic or extracurricular achievement

These Resolutions come with a State of Georgia seal and arrive in a protective, black folder suitable for presentations. If you would like a Resolution from the GA House of Representatives, please contact me.