Response to Jay Lowe’s Desperate Attacks

May 15, 2016

Hi Neighbors:

As we approach the end of our State House campaign my opponent has gone negative (not a huge surprise). This is a clear indication of a campaign that is desperate, lacking ideas, and is looking to take short-cuts with cheap robo-calls and fabricated personal attacks.

I’m disappointed the race has gone this direction. Our campaign remains committed to a positive vision for Georgia that lifts up our community rather than divides us apart.

For the record, I have NEVER voted for Obama.

His false message was mailed to thousands of voters today who may not read this site and may accept it as reality. Please help our team combat this lie by sharing the truth with your neighbors, friends, and community.

On the surface level, this attack doesn’t even make sense. In Georgia, no one has access to anyone’s personal voting record. Unless he was standing in the booth with me – he would have no idea who I voted for! Of course, my opponent doesn’t care much about the details, but more about smearing his opponent’s good character.

The only data that is available is whether someone pulled a Democrat or Republican ballot in the Primary Election. In the General Election, there is absolutely no data on your individual vote. So what proof would he have of my specific vote? None.

As the most transparent candidate in this race, I will once again help my opponent separate myth from reality:

In 2008, I joined Rush Limbaugh and other conservatives across the country in trying to stop Barack Obama in the 2008 Presidential Primary by voting for Hilary on the Democratic ballot. At that time, we all knew Hillary would have been much easier to beat in November. Had more conservatives joined us, we may not have had the disastrous 8 years we have had under Obama.

Ironically, in 2008 voting records show my opponent sat at home and did not cast a vote in either the Primary or General Election. As someone who has voted in every election since I was 18, I could not imagine not exercising my right to vote.

I am the only candidate for State House who actually has a proven record of being active in the Republican Party. As former First Vice-Chair of the Gwinnett Republican Party and graduate of Conservative Policy Leadership Institute – I have served the GOP at the grassroots level for years.

This latest, unfounded attack should be expected from someone who has repeatedly broken State Ethics laws as your City Councilman and now as Candidate for State House. His disregard for the law ought to be a grave concern for any voter in this election. This is information that you can easily verify via the following link:

He continues to hide contributions to his campaign. His personal financial disclosures were only filed after a Peachtree Station resident submitted a formal Ethics complaint. Furthermore, ‘Friends to Elect Jay Lowe’ isn’t even a registered entity as required by the Ethics Commission nor have any disclosures been filed by this shell entity. You can easily search ‘Committee to Elect Scott Hilton’ and readily see all our filings.

Again, this is consistent with someone who has been accused multiple times of using his position as City Councilman to solicit business for his own personal gain.

You have a very clear choice in this election – a politician who struggles with ethics or a grass-roots community leader with a strong, fresh conservative message. I ask for your vote on May 24th.

To learn more about me or our campaign I would encourage you to visit any of the following sites:


AJC Voter Guide:

Campaign Radio Interview:

Gwinnett Forum:

I look forward to seeing so many of you in-person at the UPCCA Candidate Forum at 7PM at Peachtree Corners Baptist Church on Monday.

Have a wonderful weekend –

5455 Amberfield Drive
404.951.8902 (cell)

Also, our family has been active in the GOP for years, below is a fun picture from when I officially became a Republican!